The National Aviation Hall of Fame joins Boom to recognize six barrier-breaking aviators during Women’s History Month.

Can you name the first woman to break the sound barrier or win a national air race? You will soon.

As part of Women’s History Month, Boom teamed up with the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) to spotlight six barrier-breaking women and bring their stories forward. These aviators broke barriers of gender, class, race — and sound — and made an indelible contribution to aviation and the world we live in.

Bessie Coleman

Boom is envisioning a recycling process that may not begin for 40 years but requires attention now.

Boom is building sustainability into every aspect of Overture, its supersonic commercial airliner, including the eventual decommissioning of the aircraft.

When an inventor builds a new product, they’re most likely not thinking about the inexorable end of its useful life. The eventual resting place of a product 20 or even 50 years into the future is difficult to imagine. Whether it’s a better light bulb or a safer propane tank, inventors focus on solving a problem and getting a product into the hands of customers rather than its disposal.

For Boom, a product’s entire life cycle is equally important, including its retirement from the market. Boom is building sustainability into every aspect of Overture, its supersonic commercial airliner, including the…

Following an Air Force career testing helicopters and airplanes, Jeff Mabry will lead Boom’s flight control room team when XB-1 goes supersonic.

Boom Chief Flight Test Engineer Jeff Mabry will take XB-1 through close to 40 ground tests before flight tests in the Mojave Desert.

Jeff Mabry is ready to make history. As Boom’s Chief Flight Test Engineer, he’s preparing the XB-1 team for ground and flight tests. When the time comes for XB-1 to go supersonic, he’ll lead the control room team, ensuring a safe and efficient flight test program in California’s Mojave Desert.

Jeff joined Boom following an extensive career as a U.S. Air Force test pilot, where he flew more than 2,600 hours in 34 different aircraft, including the HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter and C-12 Huron airplane. …

Boom is the first commercial aircraft manufacturer to incorporate sustainability into vehicle design from day one. Learn more about our drive toward a net zero carbon future.

We believe that sustainability is about not just reducing impact, but driving forward cleaner, more environmentally-friendly innovation for the future. Travel is a fundamental part of what it means to be human, enabling more access, connection, and experiences across the globe. Travel is essential to sustainable development.

That’s why we chose to incorporate sustainability from day one of founding. Our aircraft will be designed for net zero carbon flight because we believe faster travel and sustainability must go hand-in-hand.

From the design, assembly, performance, and even retirement of our aircraft, we lead with a supersonic commitment to sustainability.

Here is our promise for the future of travel.

Overture, the…

Boom and Japan Airlines share more about the experience of supersonic flight and the value it holds for travelers.

Historically, supersonic flight has been an experience reserved for military pilots, air racers, and even astronauts. But thanks in part to the collaboration between Boom and Japan Airlines, access to supersonic speed will soon become a reality for millions of travelers worldwide.

In 2017, Boom and Japan Airlines formed a strategic partnership aimed at developing Overture, the world’s fastest and most sustainable airliner. Investing $10 million with the option to purchase up to 20 Overture aircraft, Japan Airlines has continued to support Boom’s supersonic vision by sharing expertise and perspective on operation and the inflight experience.

Why does this matter?

The return of supersonic…

Boom’s maiden Twitter chat spotlights the world’s first carrier-based supersonic fighter: The Museum of Flight’s XF8U-1, prototype of the F-8 Crusader.

For Boom, it’s all about innovation: the breakthroughs that are driving a new era of supersonic commercial travel — and how those breakthroughs will ultimately transform how we experience the planet.

Linking the past to the present, Boom’s new Museum Monday Twitter chat series chronicles the aircraft programs that have paved the way for its commercial airliner, Overture. Each month, Boom partners with a different museum to delve into the history (and mystery) of iconic supersonic aircraft.

For its maiden chat, Boom tapped into the expertise of Museum of Flight Senior Curator Matthew Burchette. The topic? The Museum’s XF8U-1, the…

Executive Chair of the global design and innovation firm IDEO will provide strategic advice to support the development of Overture.

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. According to award-winning industrial designer and IDEO executive chair Tim Brown, “it draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success (Source).”

Brown, a widely respected thought leader in human-centered design, has made a career of designing for the customer. He champions the interdisciplinary nature of design and believes in the power of creativity to solve problems across sectors such as education, health, business, government, technology, and more. …

Boom team members share their personal excitement for the XB-1 program and what it means for the future of travel.

Aircraft Technician Kevin Witte was joined by his son, who worked alongside him on the Boom shop floor in summer 2020.

What’s the most important and direct way to benefit the success of an aerospace program? According to Boom’s Head of Manufacturing Mike Jagemann, the answer is to “get it right in the design.”

When engineers and technicians collaborate to ensure that build requirements are incorporated in the design phase of a program, a team can minimize the cost, time, and labor involved in the actual assembly. Boom prioritized bringing the disciplines of design and manufacturing together from the beginning to bring XB-1 together in the safest and most efficient way possible.

We talked to four of the individuals involved to…

An interview with Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl sheds light on some of the best applicant qualities.

“Does this feel like the best work of your career?” If you’re an employee at Boom, chances are you’ve heard this question before. Founder and CEO Blake Scholl often stops coworkers in the hall to ensure their job is as meaningful as it is challenging.

“I want Boom to be the place where the best people are inspired and enabled to do the best work of their careers,” says Scholl. “It’s people, not companies, who change the world, and that’s why our dream team is so important.”

Interested in landing a career at Boom? These are just a few of…

Acoustics expert Joe Salamone shares a deep dive into the science of building quieter supersonic aircraft.

“If we do our job correctly, people won’t be able to hear the difference between Overture and today’s subsonic airliners.” — Boom Principal Acoustics Engineer Joe Salamone

Joe Salamone is shaping the future of acoustics in supersonic aircraft design. As Boom’s Principal Acoustics Engineer, he supports the teams designing Overture, the company’s supersonic commercial airliner. With a Ph.D. in acoustics from Penn State, industry awards for sonic boom research, and 20 years experience at Gulfstream Aerospace, Salamone is uniquely positioned to ensure noise considerations are deeply-rooted in Overture’s design.

Salamone joined Boom at a pivotal time in Overture’s development. His primary focus is providing the acoustics data that is helping engineers design a quieterand hence more sustainableaircraft. On any given day, he conducts…

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