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  • SV Angel

    SV Angel

  • Louis Beryl

    Louis Beryl

    3X Founder of Rocketplace, Earnest, and SolidEnergy. Formerly a16z and YC. Active angel investor and board member.

  • Paul Willard

    Paul Willard

    Product, design, and marketing for tech companies, including Atlassian, Practice Fusion, Coupons.com, NextCard. Aerodynamics engineer at Boeing in a prior life.

  • Luke Robert Mason

    Luke Robert Mason

    Curator of Futures | Host of the @FUTURESPodcast | Director @VirtualFutures

  • Josh McFarland

    Josh McFarland

    Partner, Greylock Partners

  • Flight Test Fact

    Flight Test Fact

    Daily fact about experimental flight test, test pilots, and flight related applications of engineering and mathematics. Curated by @markjonesjr

  • Sam Altman

    Sam Altman

    y combinator

  • Jon Ostrower

    Jon Ostrower

    Editor-in-chief of The Air Current. Unapologetic geek, dad, and chaser of things that fly.

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